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Harry Daniels author: As Christ Was

I actually read this book. And actually, it is well written. It flows logically and is very insightful. I have been a Christian for 14 yrs and find eschatology an interesting topic (end time prophecy) and have studied it intensely thinking myself as a lay scholar on the subject and quite knowledgeable at that. This is actually a good book... It is put forth so logically, soundly and convincingly. ...I would consider it a work of a genius. As it is this book is a lesson on the inner workings of the mind and how a strange thought in one person can build into a whole belief system, documented point by point in crystal clarity. I would even recommend getting this book because from that perspective, the perspective of the voyuer into another's mind, it is fascinating. It should become required reading for cult busters and the psychiatric community as a whole.